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"I Am Not A Human"

An anthropomorphic exploration of expressive characters and playful humour, via pen, paint and canvas.


March 2017

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Sophia West

An exploration of colour, tone and dimension, and a journey of encapsulation from canvas to glass.


February 2017

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Shona Hardie

Collected Works

An immersive cavalcade of flora, fauna and fluorescence.


December 2016

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Sarah E. Wilson

“Avast Ye”

A new series of work incorporating woodcut printing and ‘aged’ 1940’s Edinburgh

Ordnance Survey maps.

Some may lead to buried pirate treasure…


November 2016


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Bruno Gallagher

“I Am Everyday People”

A collection, composition and celebration of human beings gathered at home and abroad.


November 2016

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Jon Canty

“Order vs. Chaos”

Vibrant, abstract paintings that explore the interplay between the states of order and chaos.


October 2016

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Underwater Collective  “Songs Of The Harvest”

Colourful, collaborative painting from a dynamic antipodean duo.


August 2016

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Bella Thewes Photography

A dreamlike celebration of the female form, incorporating natural lighting and delicate fabric.


June 2016

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I Dream of Shapes Clothing Shoot

This photoshoot showcases one of our textile designers, who you can find in our gallery.

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Launch Collection

Our opening collection showcasing an eclectic mix of artists and designers.


June 2016

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