Bruno Gallagher


Bruno Gallagher's creative life began as a student of the bass trombone. After choosing not to continue on that career path his love of art and drawing led to a quick transition to becoming a freelance cartoonist. For several years he was a regular contributor to many national publications.


Whilst retaining something of a cartoon aesthetic his work began to focus more on the purely visual side of his practice. Over the years this has expanded to include illustration, printmaking, three dimensional work and animation. Alongside these activities he also began to work in street and alternative theatre. He has performed widely across the country and overseas.


Drawing is central to everything Bruno does. He draws everywhere: in cafes, in airports and on planes, in queues, in the dentist's waiting room... Human beings are his favourite subjects and travel is his greatest inspiration. His process involves making very quick sketches of people (and often written notes) that are later worked to a finish with only memory as an additional reference. The people he draws transmit positive energy, all they ask in return is that the viewer think of them kindly.